We equip and support those who protect and serve the state of California and its citizens.

The California State Guard Foundation: Our Mission

The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission dedicated to supporting the California State Guard, a volunteer emergency response force protecting California and its citizens from wildfires, earthquakes, floods, pandemics, civil unrest, and other disasters, both natural and man-made. 

As the number of challenges facing the state has grown, so have the missions and response capabilities of the California State Guard. As a volunteer emergency response force, the service members who give their time and energy to train for free year-round still need the equipment and support made possible by private donations to the Foundation.

Why Does the California State Guard Need Our Help?

The California State Guard is made up of military veterans, private sector professionals, public safety employees, and many others who volunteer their time and efforts year-round to embody the California State Guard motto: Ready to Respond.

Being ready to respond means having the resources, equipment, and training needed to handle emergencies that affect our state, from worsening fires to increasing droughts to global pandemics to international cyber threats. The Foundation provides updated equipment, training, and protective gear for firefighters on the front lines, medical personnel on relief missions, and lawyers helping soldiers save their homes from foreclosure.  By also taking donations of equipment and motorized assets, the Foundation has enabled the California State Guard to create a unique synergy of search and rescue capabilities from air, sea, and land, including aerial thermal imaging, flood water rescue, and backcountry search teams.

We can always count on the volunteer service members of the California State Guard to be ready to respond. Let them know they can count on you for your support. Please join us in keeping California safe by making a donation today.

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