Patrick Ledbetter, Jr.

Patrick G. Ledbetter, Jr. is the IT and Communications Director for the California State Guard Foundation. 

Patrick is a United States Army veteran and State Employee with over 30 years of experience in leading others to attain goals. He is an expert project manager with a track record of delivering results in high-pressured environments. He is a highly motivated person with an extensive background in the management of Administration, Budgeting, Information Technologies, and Logistics operations.

In 2002, Patrick received his associate’s degree with honors from ITT Technical Institute-Lathrop in Computer Network Science.  He also has three years of additional college through Devry University in the field of Computer Science.  He completed the U.S. Army Advance and Basic Non-commissioned Officers course in Logistics, Army Basic Instructor Course, and the Army Supervisor course. 

Patrick’s assignments have varied from leading small groups of 5-10 employees to being the Senior supervisor of 30 employees. His experiences further enhance his qualifications through tough decision-making, coupled with working effectively under pressure to produce positive outcomes.  

Patrick lives happily with his wife, two children, and grandchild and enjoys spending time with his family.  Patrick and his family enjoy watching movies, especially comedies where laughter can cure a long day of work.  Patrick is known as the “Gadget Man,” where he enjoys having the latest gadget to share with his family and friends.