Seth Blackmon

Seth Blackmon is the Corporate Secretary for the California State Guard Foundation.  

Seth is the Chief Counsel for the California State Lands Commission. Over the past nine years, Seth has focused on some of the most complex issues faced by the Commission including offshore oil and gas leasing and compliance, Bankruptcy, geologic hazard abatement districts in high consequence coastal areas, land use, public access, and the intersection of the Public Trust Doctrine with California’s sovereign lands. Prior to joining the state Seth worked with the California Coalition of Welfare Rights Organizations protecting the interests of families living in poverty and marginalized in their political representation. Seth regularly participated in administrative hearings and subsequent litigation against Cities, Counties, and the State of California to provide clients with capable representation. One of the highlights of this work was legislation aimed at providing proper Due Process in the administrative hearing process that resulted in a collective redevelopment of the State’s Administrative Hearings manual, in coordination with all 58 counties.